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5 Reasons You Need a Video Production Company

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We all have the ability to make a video. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and DSLR cameras all allow us to act as a videographer. With this technology why would you ever hire a professional production company?

1. Save your time, save your money.

Your business thrives because you are an expert in your field. The same goes for a production company, we know the industry standard and how to optimize a video to sell your brand.

In the motion picture industry, it is easy to spend money quickly, between securing locations, equipment, directors, actors, gaffers, permits, and more. We have most equipment in-house as well as the experience and connections needed to acquire whatever else is needed.

This allows us to focus on working with you to create concepts and strategies that will grab the attention of audiences online and in the field.

With a production company, you don't have to worry about camera angles or lighting techniques or what parameters are required by each social media or video hosting website. This will save you time and money, not having to buy expensive film equipment or spend hours trying to research and watch youtube “how-to” videos.

2. Everyone’s a critic.

We all know that motion pictures have never been so popular with the advent of streaming services. The popularity means that a video is the best marketing you can do for your business as statistics show 90% of shoppers find videos instrumental in their ultimate purchasing decisions.

However, it also means that your audience expects a high production value. Not working with a professional production company can actually harm your business’s reputation as 64% of your website visitors are more likely to choose your product or service based simply on the fact that you provide a high-quality video, according to Forbes.

Imagine - a customer comes to your website or social media page. They scroll around for information but nothing catches their eye. They go to your About Us page or bio and find blocks of text and a couple of pictures. Inpatient and bored, they leave without really engaging.

Now, imagine they go to your website and on the front page, see a video. They click and in no time see your brand’s story. Interested, they head to more pages, an online store, your restaurant’s menu, whatever it may be, they feel connected to you and want to be part of your community.

As stated earlier, with better smartphones, tablets, and cameras anyone can make a video. However, convenient doesn’t mean good. For instance, iPhone cameras are fantastic on sunny days but at night or in the dark, they are pixelated and blurry. Professional video cameras will give you clean beautiful footage that will be up to your audience’s expectations.

90% of shoppers find videos instrumental in their ultimate purchasing decisions. - Insivia Marketing

3. Been there done that.


Both our director and our cinematographer have years of experience in the film industry. We’ve both worked on projects of all budgets from $5 student films to multi-million dollar syndicated television.

When you work with us you can trust that every aspect of the project is carefully planned out. This can include a script, shot list, storyboards, production plans, budgets, and more that will allow the content to best impact your target audience. Since our process is streamlined from experience, we can focus on collaborating to make your product as unique as you.


Did you know our Director of Photography, Andrew, is also a trained gaffer (lighting director)? His skills are incredibly useful because while occasionally you’ll have days where the sun is exactly where you need it to be: hitting the actor’s face perfectly and the camera’s sensor is picking up just so, this is INCREDIBLY uncommon.

For quality imagery, lighting needs to illuminate subjects and highlight scenery. If your subjects are human, the task becomes marvelously more difficult. Ever notice you look better in certain lighting? Gaffers are experts in how angles of light can make faces flattering or unflattering, all in millimeter increments.


A universal truth of film is that audiences will forgive bad looking footage but will riot over bad audio. Ever take a video then realize listening back that there was some background noise you didn’t notice at the time but is now really annoying?

That is common because the microphones built into cameras are not meant for use in a final product but for reference in post-production. We know what to do when things get noisy, what to microphones to use when, and how to fix audio in post if something went wrong during filming. We know how to get quality sound.


Being on camera is hard. Not only are there lights, flags, cameras, audio equipment, and wires everywhere, there are also groups of people staring at you.

That is where Rachel, our director comes in. She is professional, respectful, and understanding. She will tell subjects what to wear ahead of time, coach them what to do with their hands, where to stand, how to move in a way that is flattering, and does all of it on schedule and with a smile.

4. We want to help you grow.

We believe in our business partners and want them to succeed. When we work together we are agreeing to work to ensure that the video reaches its optimal potential to best help your business.

We want to collaborate with you and take your ideas and develop them to reach your target market and demographics. We do this by studying the market, educating ourselves on existing and future trends, staying up to date on the latest in the film industry, and implementing video marketing strategies.

When you are working with us you are also getting a fresh pair of eyes on your product. The director will help shape the message to engage your existing customers and attract new ones. We will take the time to understand your brand so that we can best convey its story.

5. We love what we do.

We tell stories for a living and we love it. We don’t mind working hard or for long hours. We’ve edited videos at 4am and had a blast doing it. We’re dedicated to our projects and you can trust us to do a good job for you.

Film is a hectic, disorganized mess even with the best planning and most experienced team. However, after doing this day in and day out, we know we have the tools and tricks needed to “make the day” and put an amazing video together for you.

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